Beleza NYC: Brazilian Celebration Day – September 1st

Beleza NYC presents: Brazilian Celebration Day
Saturday, September 1st 2012 at 10:00 PM
New York City

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Saturday, September 1st 2012
10:00 pm – 4:00am

Le Poisson Rouge
158 BLEECKER Street
New York’ NY 1012

$20 after in advance
$25 At the Door
Discount with Lavagem Flyer



Please join our first special event, Beleza in CONCERT, this coming FALL 2012.


Magary Lord, Armandinho Macedo & Banda 5% 
bring the rhythm and sound
directly from Salvador Bahia, Brazil.



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Audio/Video/Media: Artists:
Armandinho Macedo(born Armando da Costa Macedo in Salvador) is a Brazilian composer and singer. he is son of Osmar Macedo, from the Trio Elétrico de Dodô e Osmar. In his early career, he played at his bands Trio Elétrico Mirim in 1962 and Hell’s Angels in 1967.In 1970, he formed A Cor do Som with bassist/vocalist Dadi, keyboardist/vocalist Mú Carvalho, percussionist/vocalist Ary Dias and drummer Gustavo Schroeter. They performed in Montreux Jazz Festival had some hits with “Beleza pura” (Caetano Veloso), “Abri a porta” (Gilberto Gil/Dominguinhos), “Zanzibar” (Armandinho/Fausto Nilo), etc.Lately, Armandinho has been recording and performing with musicians such as Raphael Rabello, Paulo Moura, Época de Ouro, Moraes Moreira, Pepeu Gomes, Caetano Veloso, Trio Elétrico de Armandinho, Dodô e Osmar, etc.He is said to be the designer of Guitarra Baiana, a type of electric cavaquinho
Magary LordBahian artist, singer, songwriter and percussionist, creator of Black musical genre Semba.The Angola Semba, samba Recôncavo, Black Music in all aspects and a bit of spice to the palm gave Black Semba. The Bahian music that has spread through the city and found the new sound of Salvador.The pace grew out of a cauldron with ingredients sounds of the African, an alchemy orchestrated at the hands of a percussionist par excellence. It was banging tin, like so many boys on the outskirts of Salvador, that Pereira Chagas, 35, realized early on that music was a trail to follow. The walk along the road of sound brought him here to introduce ourselves to the renewal of popular music produced in Bahia.This mixture was born Magary Lord, who became the name of artistic talent and inventive musician who through a profusion of african-Brazilian sounds, mixed with musical influences from other cells and created a vibrant pulse that transforms your presentations into an explosion of joy.
Banda 5% Apparently they are only five names, Topera (guitar, vocals), Nau (bass), Pedrinho (keyboard), Bruno (percussion) and Shannon (drums), forming a musical group. But just know the sound of music, the format and repertoire of the concert performances, to understand that the band has its 5% differential in the musical scene of Bahia. Excitement, joy and, of course, good music are the criteria used by the group that has been attracting more and more, a loyal audience.With all this energy, 5% band has invaded different regions of the country, especially the states of Ceará, Pará, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais. And when asked if they are tired of this routine and travel shows, once again they are unanimous. No way! As Nau, bassist of the band, saying: “If there’s one thing I like to do is play, and if there’s anything that I dislike, is not playing.”
Music has been referred to as being many things; life, a weapon, the answer and even as a sanctuary to name a few and in the masterful hands of DJ CATO (a.k.a Congrí) they become all of these things.On any given night throughout New York City Cato can be found executing his craft on eager ears and feet. Part of his allure as a dj is that he is extremely adaptable to any situation and crowd and well armed with keen music knowledge and understanding as well as impeccable timing. So rather than limiting himself to any one specific genre Cato allows his listeners ears, minds and feet to travel to far flung places. Whether it’s a samba school in Rio de Janeiro, a dancehall in Brixton, a block party in Spanish Harlem or a nightclub or lounge just about anywhere he is comfortably in the pocket.Originally from Friedberg, Germany his family relocated to America via New York and settled in Gainesville Florida by the time he was six years old. Growing up there as an adolescent, he found he could translate his love and near obsession for music only by sharing it and was soon djing around town at local parties. He began to make his way by traveling around the country ending up in Atlanta, GA where he honed his autodidactic skills spinning alongside DJ’s T-Rock and F.Y.I. They became known as the Headknod Squad and after a few years of playing mostly hip-hop with them, he yearned for something more. The deafening call of New York City proved to be too loud to ignore, and in 1996, he made his move.Steadily, he was also breaking into the underground New York scene. As a bi product of his day job, Cato was afforded numerous trots around the globe. He collected music not commonly found in mainstream America, and subsequently injected those new sounds into the veins of New York clubs and lounges. People took notice, and the gigs were beginning to interfere with his day job. Finally, after living this double life for seven years, he was able to leave his career at Diesel and the rest, as they say, is history…He’s held residencies and gigs at some of New York’s best parties and swankiest lounges; Blackstar Bar, Moomba, 357 Magnum, Madame X, Lenny Kravitz’s K.O.S, Pacha, The Maritime Hotel’s Cabanas, The Grammercy Park Hote;’s Rose Bar, S.O.B.’s (Sounds of Brazil), Label Lounge, Turntables on the Hudson, Afrokinetic, Manjinga, Beleza and his very own Sofrito Salvaje party (with dj’s OBaH and Scientific). Cato has also played at the Bronx Museum, the Candela Music & Art Festival in Puerto Rico, Tribeca Film Festival, WKCR’s The Mambo Machine, Club Santanera in Playa Del Carmen Mexico, Favela Chic in Paris, numerous movie screenings and wrap parties and even on the Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn.Stay tuned for much more from DJ Cato a.k.a Congrí….

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